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Wedding Day Questionnaire

Please confirm photographer's expected start and finish time:

We want to ensure that all of your needs and expectations are met!

Important Memories

Please list any additional group shots you would like.
Are there any specific areas you would like your group shots to be taken?
Please confirm your exact details of your preparation, start/end time, and location address (if applicable)
Please confirm the exact details of your ceremony, start/end time and location address.
Please confirm the exact details of your reception, start/end time and location address
Are there any divorces, deaths, etc. that I should be informed about? If there are divorces, are they comfortable being photographed together?
Name & Relationship of Bride's Intermediate Family
Name & Relationship of Groom's Intermediate Family
Will there be any special traditions taking place on your wedding day? If so please explain.
Are there any restrictions or guidelines at your ceremony location that I should know about?
This includes the ENTIRE wedding party.
Will there be any unique events happening at the wedding that I should be made aware of prior?
eg. Father/Daughter, Mother/Son etc.
Will there be a grand exit for the wedding and if so will there be sparklers, bubbles, flowers, etc?
(Dress, shoes & accessories. Where purchased, brand, handmade by whom?)
(Outfit, shoes & accessories. Where purchased, brand, handmade by whom?)
(same as above)
Is there any additional information that you would like to include?
Will the photographer and/or second shooter be included in the headcount or will a separate meal be provided.
Other than the bride or groom!

Looking forward to working with you!

Please feel free to contact Jason at jason@jlhoopes.com or call 740.877.1719 if you have any additional questions.

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